Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pinterest: A Down and Dirty How To

Pinterest hit the market in 2010 and has grown to be the third largest social networking site, recently surpassing LinkedIn for the #3 spot. We wanted to take a moment to talk about the value of, if you're planning a wedding in the near future, Pinterest has on your preparations. 

So many brides-to-be were pleased to see that we have a Pinterest account. We pin the things we have used in previous weddings, plan to use in upcoming weddings and items that inspire us.

It's really easy to get started on Pinterest. Follow these simple directions and after you're set, make sure to follow us!

  • Apply for an account. Pinterest operates by invitation only, though you can expect confirmation within a day or two. You can also login with your Twitter or Facebook account. Visit to get started.
  • Create your pin boards. This is where all the creativity comes in! What are your interests? Really define yourself with books you love, photos, products you love, inspiring places you want to visit, etc. You can easliy surf the Pinterest site for inspiration (remember to visit us!) to see what others are doing with their boards.You can also use keywords to search for things that you like.
  • Name your different boards. Customize the default board titles with descriptive titles.
  • Start pinning content!
  • Include your friends. Cross-promote your Pinterest account with your personal Twitter and Facebook accounts by periodically sharing links to your boards. There's also an auto post function, but don't over share too often or you may annoy your friends.
  • Engage on Pinterest. The more you participate, the more you're inspired!

We hope that this little guide helps you to get started on one of the most visual social networking sites. We have benefited from using Pinterest, because it is a handy tool for our brides to see our work examples and then for us to see what the brides are looking for on their special day.

Happy pinning everyone!

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