Friday, March 2, 2012

Tiffany and Ronaldo's Love Story!!!

“I wanted to tell the story of how I met my fiancée, Tiffany, and how our relationship grew out of a long lasting friendship.” This is how Ronaldo started to tell us his love story. They first met on the campus of Temple University through a mutual friend. They shared a common background of growing up in Harrisburg and he was immediately attracted to her outgoing personality and her smile. Once they graduated from college she moved to Washington DC and he moved to New York City. Six years later Ronaldo returned to the Harrisburg area while Tiffany remained in DC. Tiffany was making frequent trips home to care for her mother who was battling cancer and Ronaldo made sure she knew he was there for her. And their longtime friendship finally blossomed into full blown love. Unfortunately Tiffany’s mother lost her battle, but to honor her memory, Ronaldo proposed to Tiffany on Mother’s Day. Later that day they announced their engagement during dinner with her grandmother, aunts and other family members. “It was the best day of my life!” Ronaldo, we found your story so touching and wish you and Tiffany a wonderful life.

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