Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ashley and Todd's Love Story

Todd and Ashley met while she was at Penn State Harrisburg and he was completing the police Academy at HACC. They met for the first time at a mutual friend's football party.  Ashlely had completed basic training in 2002 and started a conversation with Todd about his training. From their first date there was an amazing connection and 2 years later they were engaged.  But before any planning could really begin Ashley was deployed to Afghanistan.  Time zone differences, unreliable internet service and the constant stress of being in a war zone made participation in the planning process difficult for Ashley.  Todd was here, taking care of the wedding details while being an active police officer.  While other brides are pampered and immersed in their weddings, Ashley was in combat boots, away from her fiance and family. But they realized their time away from each other only strengthened their love and they don't take any time together now for granted.

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