Tuesday, September 25, 2007

September Weddings

The wedding was held in the Leffler Chapel at Elizabethtown College. This unity candle arrangement and pedestal arrangements were done in stargazer lilies, pale purple iris, white roses, limonium and soft greens.
The bride and her Maid of Honor smile for a picture! The bride carried white roses, stargazer lilies and purple limonium.
The bridesmaids carried stargazer lilies, pale purple iris, white mini carnations, limonium and greens. A perfect match to their periwinkle dresses.
The happy bride and groom surrounded by bubbles show off their bouquet and boutonniere. The boutonniere is made of a white rose, limonium and variegated pitt.
Beautiful cake trimmed with stargazer lilies and limonium. Cake done by About Weddings.

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